Amy’s Response


I have written so many poems in which I say –

“I knot my tongue three times.”

I think it is perhaps in response to the reality, wherein my tongue
hangs loose, and drops words with much passion, but
without much aforethought.

I think it is perhaps in reflection of the part within me which thinks
it would be much easier to be tongue tied, and silent –
‘subservient’ may be too strong a term, but then, so am I.

I love my tongue. It is pink, and lithe, and Northern, and it pulls at my medusa
as I think. My tongue is much quicker than my hands, and often
I record, rather than write, my fictions and non-fictions into my phone.

I’m writing this poem, now, in which I will say –

“I unfurl my tongue until three times the size.”

But there are no words I can offer that will overcome, or overturn, or open up
new avenues of thought on what has happened. So instead

I sign my name, in protest.


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