We have been rather absent from the blog and now we can finally reveal why…
Together with Pussy Riot, we have been working on the ‘Let’s Start A Pussy Riot’ book which will be launched at Meltdown Festival in London and published via Rough Trade. The book entails creative responses from over 60 artists including Judy Chicago, Bobby Conn, Kara Walker, Robyn, Bianca Casady, Antony Hegarty and many many more! Let’s Start A Pussy Riot will be available via Rough Trade on June 24th!! LET’S START A PUSSY RIOT!!!!

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Response from Slut Walk Korea

Statement for Free Pussy Riot

Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot was arrested and sentenced to penal servitude due to their performance against the reappointment of Putin, now the President of Russia since May 2012. This oppression on Pussy Riot makes us get into rage. we also feel deeply sorry for this case. Therefore we, SlutwalkKorea performed guerilla slam action protesting the decision of the Russian judiciary on 22 September 2012, around the center of Seoul(specifically around Gwanghwamun, Jongro, and Myungdong), the capital of Korea. And now preparing for another political action on 20 October 2012.

Many people ask us; “Why do YOU act for Pussy Riot?” The people who are arrested by the police are not us, but Pussy Riot. The people who are sentenced to unjust penalty at the court are not us, but Pussy Riot. However, We are the People who had to confront the aggressive and uncooperative attitude of the government authority every time when we tried to exercise the right ― the freedom of expression, assembly, and political demonstration. Also, We are the People who felt the fear and rage against unjust abuse of government authority based on unreasonable reason. We are the People who protest against the unreasonably coercive force of government. We are the People who fight against the government along with the minority excluded and alienated by the government. That is to say, WE ARE THE PEOPLE who agree that the undeserved oppression on Pussy Riot is not that different from that of us. Therefore we willingly speak out for Pussy Riot.

Our demands are as belows;

1. We demand that Russian government should liberate Pussy Riot immediately. We urge Russian government to make an official apology for Pussy Riot, and want Russian government to compensate for the wrongful exercise of the force.

2. We demand that anti-democratic policy of Russian government should be eliminated under the voice of self reflection. We demand that Russian government enforce a social system in order to defend the basic human rights of all individuals of Russia.

3. We demand that Russian Orthodox Church should withdraw the public support for Putin, which is the same as the support for dictatorship and anti-democratic policy. We urge the Church to act for the people, especially the minorities, with the love for the people as the religious doctrine teaches.

4. We demand that government and non-government organizations all over the world should be concerned about the confinement of Pussy Riot. We urge the organizations to give support to the people who are excluded from the just treatment for managing the basic life based on human rights.

5. We urge that all the human beings should remind the freedom of expression alone with any condition, including the content, the way, the time and place, etc. We urge that all the people should not be oppressed by any kind of authority, and should nourish the subjectivity of each individual.

10 October 2012

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Prinka’s Response


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Mila’s Response-Solidarity from our family – Brno, Czech Republic

Mila’s Response-Solidarity from our family - Brno, Czech Republic

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Annie’s Response

Annie's Response


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Berlin Brides’ Response

Berlin Brides are a female electro duo from Athens, Greece.

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On October 10th 2012 at Moscow City Court will hear the appeal of the sentence Masha, Nadia and Katja. This may be the last chance for the Russian judicial system to free the jailed members of Pussy Riot.
After this, the women are expected to be sent to three different penal detention centers, where we are very concerned for their safety.


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Amber’s Response

Pussy Riot are standing up for freedom, what are you doing?

Standing by, accepting the world?


Support your sisters, fight for free speech.

This is a call to arms, speak out.

Grrrls are made to scream, so scream it from the rooftops.

This isn’t irrelevant, this can and will spread.

Punk rock is NOT a crime.

Free speech should be EXPECTED.

Don’t just sit by and be CONTROLLED.

You are not a PUPPET.


Punk rock is NOT a crime.



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Madeleine’s Response

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